a Christian Home for Children
Joy Ranch

Other Needs
  • Housing Supplies: pillowcases; pillows; nightlights; flashlights and AAA & AA, batteries; toiletries; cleaning supplies; fabric softener; laundry pods
  • Food Items: non-sugary cereals; peanut butter; fig bars; granola bars; trail mix
  • Paper Products: toilet paper; paper towels; napkins
  • Activity: sleds; puzzles; Christian music CD's; craft sets; basketballs; bicycles
  • Maintenance Supplies: shovels; rakes; horse supplies; pre-paid gas cards
  • Homemade Quilts for our Quilt Auction at JoyFest
  • Prayer! We appreciate your prayers. Prayer is powerful and is the foundation of miracles and blessings we have experienced at Joy Ranch.
  • Value of vehicles is determined according to IRS standards.
  • Vehicles are either put into service or sold at auction to support this ministry.
  • Donations are tax-deductible according to IRS regulations.

Non-monetary Gifts
Sometimes the easiest, most generous gift is not a cash donation. Joy Ranch can easily convert non-monetary donations into valuable resources for this ministry. Joy Ranch traditionally receives real estate, vehicles, farm equipment, jewelry, and other valuables as gifts to the ministry. For more information, contact our Development Coordinator.

Planned Giving.  A planned gift to Joy Ranch helps to ensure the future of services and programs we provide to children and their families for many years to come. Planned gifts include gifts through your will, charitable gift annuities, gifts of life insurance, pooled income funds, and charitable trusts.
  • Bequest - Many of our supporters make charitable gifts by naming Joy Ranch as a beneficiary in their wills.
  • Gift of Life Insurance - Some of our supporters no longer need their life insurance, that was purchased years ago to provide for children or other family members, and donate the policy to Joy Ranch.
  • Pooled Income Fund - Your gift of money, marketable securities, or both may be invested together with similar gifts from other supporters.
  • Charitable Lead Trust - Individuals with very large estates can use a charitable lead trust to benefit Joy Ranch and pass principal to family members with little or no tax penalty.
  • Gifts of Retirement Plans - Your IRA assets will be transferred to a charitable remainder trust, the trust will provide life income to the beneficiary, and then an eventual gift to Joy Ranch.
For more information about how you can include Joy Ranch in your planned giving, please contact us.

Presentations. A Joy Ranch representative will be glad to come to your church, class, civic organization or agency to share our vision of the Joy Ranch mission and provide details of the services we provide to our community. Depending on availability, this presentation can include special music, PowerPoint presentation, complimentary newsletters and Feed My Lambs books. Feed My Lambs is a book written by Mary McHenry which tells the Joy Ranch Story.

Get Involved!  Here are some other ways you can help this ministry:

1. Pray regularly for this ministry and those it serves.

2. Support Joy Ranch through regular monthly donations.

3. Help us in getting donations for our Quilt Auction that takes place 
at JoyFest the Saturday after Labor Day in September.

4. Talk about Joy Ranch to your congregation, your class or other group, 
your service or civic group.

5. Arrange to bring a group to the campus for a tour.

6. Use one of our videos for a showing in your church.

7. Invite a speaker from Joy Ranch to a church event.

8. Provide items from our Capital Needs List.

9. Name Joy Ranch in your will.

10. Volunteer in one of the many volunteer services Joy Ranch offers.

11. Organize a work group to assist with needed work or take on 
a specific project.

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Joy Ranch, a Christian Home for Children
Making a Lasting Difference Since 1961

Joy Ranch is funded primarily by individual donations, church donations, fund raising events, trust funds and bequests left by individuals in their will. If you would like to become a supporter of the Joy Ranch ministry or would like information about Planned Giving, please contact us.

Periodically we list items that we need at Joy Ranch. Below is such a list. If you have any of these items in good working order and would like to donate them to us, we will gladly take them and issue you a non-monetary donation receipt for tax purposes. All donations are tax deductible.

Capital Needs
  • 3/4 Ton 4x4 Pickup Truck; new or used vehicles
  • Industrial Mowers (Riding and push mowers)
  • Four-Horse Trailer•Garage for Maintenance
  • Digital Camera 
  • Digital Video Camera•Digital Video Projector - 1500 Lumens or Greater
  • Power Tools
  • Hand Tools